We are a collective of visual artists living and working in Park Slope and Windsor Terrace in Brooklyn, New York City. Since 2013 we’ve held annual Open Studio weekends where the public is invited to visit our studios to view and purchase art. We also participate in other local events such as Gowanus Open Studios and the new-for-2016 Art Slope.

Our membership is as varied as the neighborhoods in Brooklyn. We are distinguished, award-winning professionals as well as emerging, talented, cutting-edge artists. Sculptors, photographers, painters working realistic/abstract/everything in-between, ceramic artists, printmakers, collage artists, fiber artists, conceptual and environmental creators. Many of us teach, some have rent-paying day jobs, our backgrounds are traditional as well as push-the-envelope new. We show in galleries, museums and individual venues—all of us have a passion for what we do. We look forward to meeting you at one of our Brooklyn-based events.

—Park Slope Windsor Terrace Artists


10 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. If your ever interested in expanding to 11th Ave. please keep me posted. I’m on 11th&16th. Thanks… Hope to meet some of you Columbus Day Monday.

    Best, Rich

  2. As it happens, the group is meeting this Saturday to plan for fall.
    10 am, 332 Prospect Avenue #3. Darcy and Lloyd’s apt.
    A group of us are showing at Gowanus in Oct;
    the larger group does an open studio at their homes through Park Slope and Windsor Terrace
    That’s Nov 18/19. Drop by
    Bob Hagan

  3. Hello — has there been an email to confirm participation in this year’s OS ? I was at the meeting a week ago, paid both membership & participation fees and have not yet heard back. Thank you 🙂

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